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The Posh Pooch Hotel & Daycare is Edmonton's premier boarding and daycare hotel exclusively for dogs. Our exceptional hotel services are guaranteed to get your tail wagging like never before. While at the hotel your dog will receive tones of closely monitored exercise and socialization within the rest of our pack. Then if staying overnight, your dog will be provided one of our luxurious and private rooms to rest in for a nap twice a day and overnight.

Your dog's safety, health and comfort is our utmost concern. We have multiple staff members within our large dog pack at all times to ensure everyone is playing nicely and being respectful of each other. We use Ceasar Milan's techniques of calm assertive leadership, and minor correction when necessary to prevent any issues between dogs and to maintain a calm and well behaved pack. And of course tones of snuggles and positive reinforcement for good behaviour and for pups who are on the more timid side:)

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- Daycare Pass Sale
All daycare passes are 15% off from January 22-29th * Only for dogs that have passed an assessment  * Dogs must reside… More
- Referral Program
Anytime an existing customer sends a new customer our way, and the new customer passes our assessment, the existing customer… More

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