About Us

Posh Pooch Hotel and Daycare is a trendy facility staffed by friendly professional people that will greet you with a smile and truly make an effort to make you feel like a member of our family. Not only will your dog feel comfortable here but you will feel comfortable leaving your dog with us! Our facility has an open design where all dogs get to run and play together, whether they're here for daycare or boarding. This is the perfect place for dogs who are super social and enjoy the company of other dogs and humans. Our pack is closely monitored by multiple staff members who are trained to use Ceasar Milan's techniques of calm assertive leadership and corrections (only when necessary) to ensure all of the dogs in our care are playing in a calm and respectful manner with the each other.

Much effort was put into the design of our establishment in order to ensure we are able to provide a safe and clean environment for your dog. We aim to be a one stop shop for our customers by providing everything from dog food, bathing services, and unique services such as infrared treatments and treadmilling.

Owner: Kari Dilts
Manager: Krystal Kelly                                                                                                                                       Assisstant Manager: Abby Bassarabowich


Designed by Jeff Miranda Designs