All owners looking to use our boarding or daycare services must first call and book their dog in for an assessment. This process takes approximately a half hour to 45 mins, and involves the owner filling out a registration and behavioural form. We also require proof of up-to-date vaccination records (Bordatella, Rabies, Dhpp vaccines required), and flea/tick/lice prevention treatment (such as "Revolution") for their dog. All dogs must also be spayed or neutered once 6 months of age is reached in order to frequent our facility, no exceptions!  

While the owner is completing the paperwork, our staff will take the dog to the back to complete the assessment portion. The owner is not permitted to be in the back while the assessment takes place because we must see first hand how the dog behaves without the owner present. We assess the dog by slowly introducing it to a few well balanced members of our pack first. If that goes well, we then walk the dog into our pack so that we can evaluate their behaviour and how the pack reacts to them. It is just as important that the dog be friendly towards our staff and allows us to handle them. If we are unsure if your dog will be a good fit we will ask that you either leave your dog with us for the day, or come back another time for a full day so we can see how the dog reacts with more time. The safety of our dogs and our staff are our #1 concern!

Once the assessment and paperwork have been completed we will then take you through the facility for a full tour. From that point on you are free to bring your dog in for daycare (no pre-booking is necessary) or boarding (which is by reservation only).

Assessment fee- Free of charge 

**We will not be conducting any assessments or tours between December 22nd-January 3rd**


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