All dogs attending Posh Pooches daycare or boarding must go through an assessment before being able to frequent our facility. This is to ensure they have no aggression or severe anxiety issues (refer to the "Assessments" section). Owners must book this by appointment, and provide proof of vaccinations and up to date flea/tick/lice treatment. 

Hotel Rooms

  1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Overnight Stays (per night) $34.00 $56.80 $68.00
Holiday Rates (per night) $37.50 $62.25 $73.75
7-Nights or more (per night) $28.00 $46.50 $57.50
16-Nights or more (per night) $24.50 $42.00 $53.00
Daycare fee for pick ups after 11am $3/hr $6/hr $9/hr

Bed fee


*Dogs boarding for 20 nights or more will receive a free bath at the end of their stay. 

*We require a credit card number for all boarding bookings, and 48hrs cancellation notice. If that is not provided, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the boarding booked.

*Posh Pooch charges Holiday Rates for ALL long weekends, and the Christmas holidays.*

*For all boarding bookings longer than 1 month, half the cost must be paid up front.*



  1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Full Day $27.00 $47.30 $57.60
Half Day (5hr. max.) $16.00 $28.25 $34.25
Multi-Day Passes2
5-Half Day Pass $72.00 $124.00 $146.00
10-Half Day Pass $132.00 $222.00 $275.00
5-Day Pass $127.00 $218.00 $275.00
10-Day Pass $231.00 $405.00 $509.00
20-Day Pass $427.00 $742.00 $922.00

No refunds on multi-day daycare passes.



Hotel Spa 

Condition of hair and lenght of bath will also determine the price.

Bath & Brush3 Short Hair (Base Price) Long Hair (Base Price)
XSmall Dogs (less than 15 lbs.) $18.00 + $23.00 +
Small Dogs (15-35 lbs.) $29.00 + $34.00 +
Medium Dogs (35-60 lbs.) $40.00 + $45.00  +
Large Dogs (60-110 lbs.) $50.75 + $56.00 +
XLarge Dogs (greater than 110 lbs.) $61.50 + $67.00 +
Brushing Services $12.00 $16.00 -  $20.00 (for extra fuzzy)
Furminator Treatment  *an additional charge will apply
Nail Trimming4


  1. Boarding: There is no charge the day of pick-up if you arrive before 11AM. After 11AM there is a $3/hr. per dog charge.
  2. Grooming: $5 additional charge for difficult dogs. By appointment only.
  3. Dog's must be spayed or neutered and must provide proof of required vaccinations.
  4. Puppies are required to have their second set of shots in order to frequent our facility. 
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